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Union Cemetery,

Burtonsville, Maryland

Annie Aitcheson Connell

Clara S. Connell

William Renn and Alice Connell Renn

Brice Renn and Frances Milstead Renn

Talmadge Wilson and Katherine Renn Wilson

Ernest Connell and Mabel Renn Connell

James O. Murphy

Dena Aitcheson Roby

Joe Leiter Aitcheson and Lillian Roby Aitcheson

Franklin P. Wootten and Annie May Wootten

Franklin P. “Bud” Wootten, Jr. and Gladys M. Wootten

Margaret E. Wootten

John Edward Wootten and Eunice Holland Wootten

Odorion W. Roby and Grace E. Roby

Mary Ella Roby

Alice Robey Murphy

St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery,

Fulton, Maryland

John Renn

Christina Renn

Frederick Renn and Catharine B. Renn

Augustus (Justus) Renn

Christopher Renn

Barbara Renn

Henry Renn and Sarah C. Murphy Renn

Annie Margaret Renn

George W. Renn and Louise E. Renn

Harry J. Renn and Janet C. Renn

Melvin H. Renn

George W. Renn, Jr. and Nellie C. Renn

Harry A. Renn and Elizabeth J. Renn

Loudon Park Cemetery,

Baltimore, Maryland

Emma Lenger Kendall

Ferdinand and Dorothea Lenger

Ivy Hill Cemetery,

Laurel, Maryland

Peter Aitcheson and Mary Arthur Aitcheson

Henry Aitcheson Marshall

John White and Agnes Aitcheson White

Stuart Lee Aitcheson

Western Cemetery,

Baltimore, Maryland

Clarence Kendall

Eulah Kendall Greer

Robert A. Morris

Emma Orrell Morris

Helena Martha Lenger

Edward V. Orrell

Mary Ann Basford Orrell

Edward M. Orrell

Woodfield Cemetery,

Galesville, Maryland

Alonzo Morris and Betty Bradfield Morris

Alvin William Morris and Dorothy Kendall Morris

Ben Redmiles

Quantico National Cemetery,

Triangle, Virginia

Joseph Davis

Veronica Schaefer Davis

Maryland National Memorial Park Cemetery,

Laurel, Maryland

George Bradfield

Margaret Louise Morris

Buckhall Cemetery,

Manassas, Virginia

Redmon F. Bradfield and Mary Jane Bryant Bradfield

James E. Bradfield and Mary Bradfield

Harmony Cemetery,

Glenwood, Maryland

Peregrine Hobbs and Sarah Hobbs

George W. Hobbs

Rockville Cemetery,

Rockville, Maryland

James Connell

Kitty Hobbs Connell

James Bascom Connell

Emma Connell and Adelaide Connell

Peregrine Hobbs Connell



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